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Dominate the online casting space by walking hand-in-hand with one of the top booking talent on and Voice123 of all time, and walk away with a fully formed profile optimized to work the algorithms of the largest source of voice acting opportunities on the planet. 


Learn to CRUSH the Casting Sites LIVE with this Intensive!

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Welcome to the CRUSH ONLINE CASTING INTENSIVE, a done-with-you one day zoom workshop with a voice actor who has been the #1 talent of both and Voice123.


Joe Zieja has booked thousands of jobs on casting websites, earning 10-20x his membership fee yearly - and used them to build a client base of repeat clients that accounts for over 65% of his voice acting income. 


In this 4-6 hour workshop, you and a small group of your peers will gather live with Joe and build profiles on either or both of these websites that will work the search and matching algorithms to provide you with the highest volume of high-quality auditions that match your voice, accents, and style. No more wasting opportunities on jobs that don’t fit you. No more guessing how you’re appearing to clients. No more sinking shortlist percentages, and no more confusion. It will all be done for you and with you during this highly hands-on and highly customizable workshop.


Not only does Joe understand the websites by virtue of being one of the top talent on them - Joe has spent hours working with the CEOs and dev teams of these websites to get deep-dive information into the way the website and its algorithms work. This insider information is going to be passed on to you so you can see exactly what the casting websites are looking for in their talent, and then make sure you’re giving them exactly that.


At the end of the Crush Online Casting Intensive, you will walk away with:


  •  A fully formed and/or Voice123 profile that perfectly informs the sites’ algorithms. Joe can review your profiles during the session, and you will build or revamp your profile step by step with him, asking questions along the way. 
  •  A mountain of knowledge about how the casting websites work, their pricing structure, their business model, and the exact data that the sites’ algorithms use (and don’t use) to match you with auditions and determine if you’re good enough to show to clients.
  •  A roadmap to demos and samples for the websites, making every single sample bulletproof when it comes to working the algorithm and making sure clients find you first
  •  A secret, behind-the-scenes look at what clients see when they look for talent. Joe spent his own real money to find and book talent on the website and record the process just to show you exactly what the client sees. 
  • Access to the Crush Online Casting Video Course FREE. If you already own the course, you get refunded the price of the course via a special discount located inside the COC course. 
  • Access to customizable worksheets and checklists to make your audition process smooth, repeatable, and fast 
  • 10% off a year of Pandora’s Vox, Joe’s highly sought-after group coaching program, and the chance to skip the line for applications, which are only done a few times a year.
  • A live review of an audition MP3 of your choice to evaluate audio quality - never guess again whether or not your audio is disqualifying you from auditions and making you waste your time
  • A list of custom keywords made for YOUR voice and YOUR profile by Joe’s team to make sure you’re hitting the algorithm the right way
  •  A set of custom cover letter templates for whatever website you choose that conforms to their Terms Service and represents your talent that you can send with every audition going forward
  • All of your questions answered live by Joe during the workshop. You’ll have plenty of time to talk about anything specific to you and your career at the end of the session. This can include other websites like Casting Call Club, VOPlanet and beyond.
  • Joe's personal best practices to speed up your casting website workflow. This is Joe’s secret sauce - enabling him to do over 50,000 auditions on casting websites in his ten years of experience. 



This is a unique opportunity to work hand-in-hand with a talent that has dominated the online casting landscape for over a decade, who is ready to equip you


Joe’s private students are benefitting from this information already - they’ve nailed national commercials, e-learning contracts, and online videos worth tens of thousands of dollars in aggregate. One student said that after employing Joe’s techniques, his short lists increased by over 500%. 


In this group setting, you can tap into Joe’s knowledge and expertise and walk away knowing, without a doubt, that you are extremely well-equipped. This is the way to take the information in the Crush Online Casting course and put it into overdrive, leaving no room for error, and skipping a lot of the legwork and headaches that can come with learning new systems - because Joe is going to hold your hand and teach you all of it - live.


Sign up for a date for the Crush Online Casting intensive today, and turn casting websites into a source of income - not frustration.

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Not just access to a course - a live, intensive, small-class workshop where all of these strategies are DONE FOR YOU and DONE WITH YOU. Wave away all your casting website worries with a single day of work - and leave the rest to us. 

Profiles That Work:

Creating a well-optimized profile on Voice123 and offers numerous advantages for voice actors. It enables them to showcase their talents and experience, making it easier for potential clients and casting directors to discover their abilities and book them for auditions and gigs. And by front-loading your profile with EXACTLY the information the algorithm wants, it ensures you get only the best auditions that you are most likely to book and stop wasting your allotment on jobs that you're not well suited for.

Understand Your Audio: 

100% of the conversations I had with CEOs, developers, and programmers of online casting websites said that audio quality and poor implementation of demos and samples was the number one disqualifier for talent. In this workshop, I'll bulletproof your audio AND build demos and samples with you that we are confident will boost your casting website numbers and performance.

"Find Me First":

"Find Me First" is a strategic method designed to maximize online visibility and ensure that your profile appears at the top of search results on and Voice123. This technique involves leveraging the website's own algorithmic mechanisms to your advantage. By carefully optimizing your profile with relevant keywords, high-quality content, and engaging media, you aim to align your online presence with the platform's search ranking criteria. 

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Below is an example of the day's schedule so you can see just how incredible this program is at equipping you properly.


Orient and Observe
The key to any pursuit is a solid foundation of knowledge. We get to know each other, and I get to know you PERSONALLY - your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and more. We establish, together, our intention and goal for the day.

Website Breakdown

See Into The Chaos
I show you every aspect of each website, explain the Search and Matching Algorithms, and show an overview of exactly how to do absolutely every action on the website you could ever possibly need.

Application: Building Profiles

Doing It Together
As a class, we walk through the entire process of profile creation, not moving on to the next step until each student has mastered the concept and built out that section of the profile with the keywords, tags, accents, etc. that teach the website exactly what jobs to serve them. 

Application: Reviewing + Applying Demos

Confident Auditioning Starts With Confident Audio
As a class, we will review a single sample from every student, constructively giving feedback on performance and audio. With this, we will build and upload demos together, as a class, making sure that each student has done exactly what they need to do in order to succeed. I will be personally reviewing everything you do - there's no room for mistakes!

Bonus: Spy On Your Clients

You did WHAT with your own money?
To tie it all together, we take a look at exactly what it looks like from the CLIENT's side - I spent over $1000 of my own money creating fake jobs and hiring voice actors on these websites for the express purpose of seeing how the clients see us. When we see how we're presented, we can better understand how to work our way to the top of every list. 

Bonus: Customized Q&A

Literally Anything Goes
Now is your time to ask about anything regarding your voice acting career - it doesn't even have to focus on casting websites! We can branch out to other sites, talk about direct marketing, agents - anything you want. This is your chance to customize the day's curriculum.

Bonus: Workflow Mastery

10 auditions in 10 minutes. 
Although this information will be available and more comprehensive in the course that you get FOR FREE with the intensive, I will walk you through the exact macros and keybinds I use to pump out a casting website audition in less than a minute, PLUS strategies on interpreting the auditions fast and not wasting time. 

Bonus: After The Day Is Over

We Keep Working For You
After the day ends, we'll be spending our time building a customized keyword list tailored to your voice, and your performance, PLUS, we'll be adding royalty-free music to any sample you provide us. Then, we'll give you the exact title, description, and keywords to use when you upload them to the website. 

Skip the work. Skip the confusion. Skip the doubt. Have all of this done WITH you, LIVE, by someone who has done it all on casting websites since 2013.

Ready to ensure your online casting presence dominates the marketplace?

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