Creating Character Voices

$97.00 USD

Get ready to make your voice sound INCREDIBLE using the techniques taught by a prolific Los Angeles voice actor.

Your Lifetime Access To The Course Includes:

  • 10+ videos of in depth character creation content, geared for you to get from zero to amazing characters quickly
  • Tips and tricks on sustaining, maintaining, and keeping your voice healthy
  • Discounts on gear, software, and services that equal more than the price of the course



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Make the process to unlocking your voice acting potential that much easier by using Joe's actual audio presets, translated into four of the most popular DAWs (Logic, Audacity, Protools and Studio One) - plus get Joe's actual Studio One file template where he records all his audio and his Studio One macros and keybindings, which he uses every day to maximize his workflow and crush it in the booth. 

These files are tuned to Joe's specific room, voice, and microphones, so you may have to tweak them to get the sound that suits your voice best, but these are the exact EQ and Gate settings that Joe uses every day to book and record hundreds of jobs a year.